Virtual Drum Electo Pro

Virtual Drum Electo Pro 1.3

A rythmically triggered, infinatly expandable sample player
1.3 (See all)

Virtual Drum Electo Pro is a rhythmically triggered, infinitely expandable sample player.
It gives you more control over your samples than ever before.
The program can load up to 20 samples, rapidly change samples whilst they are been triggered, easily connect to an electronic drum kit, midi keyboard or qwerty keyboard of your desk/laptop computer, velocity sensitive playback and much more.

Also it can load up to four Virtual Drum automation or direct plugins per channel (giving a total of 80 effects), load up to four Virtual Drum send plugins, easily record each channel to its own nameable file or record it all to a stereo mix file
Moreover it provides an independently pan for each channel and allows you to save and load both individual effect settings and full kit settings.

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